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Die Cuts for Heads
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Limited time offering thru 12/1/14
8/9/14 Onekama, MI
Blue Bubble BTI & meat rig

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Aug, 20, 21 & 29, 2014 Manistee, MI
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 New  Diver Rings  2015

2015 Diver Ring Special
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2 Super Snubbbers™ & 2 Rings
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   10 oz. Diver Diggers™
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Add depth with no extra pull
  New  Super Snubbers™  Best

Red, Green and Stealth Black
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Finally ...snubbers that work!
Hot!  Leader Lockers™  Hot!

Meat Rig® & Fly Storage
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Holds 24 rigs

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Last half of a Manistee, MI doubleheader, Clean Meat Rigs on 8/29/13

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