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   Capt. John King's
          Magnum & Super Magnum Meat Heads 

  Glow & X-Glow 

Standard Colors

Blue Doub L Glo $9.95 Chartreuse Doub L Glo $9.95 Glow_Meat_Heads_006.jpg (28655 bytes) Mag_Meat_Heads_King_Kobra.jpg (28091 bytes)
Mag_Meat_Heads_King_Krimson.jpg (28112 bytes) Glow_Meat_Heads_Red_Doub_L_Glo.jpg (30245 bytes) Pearl_Doub_L_Glo.jpg (45106 bytes)

Undertaker Glow $9.95

X_Glow_Blue_Bubble_MMH.jpg (40282 bytes) X-Glow_Green_Bubble1.jpg (25851 bytes)

X-Glow King Kryptonite $10.95
Out of stock until 7/24/17

X-Glow Red $9.95
X_Glow_Super_Puke_003.jpg (26295 bytes)

Glow & X-Glow Meat Heads

Price: 6.95 to 12.95
Please order with drop down menus

Option-->>Style of Heads:

Option-->>Number of Heads:



Meat Heads

Price: 5.95 to 12.95
Please order with drop down menus

Option-->>Type of Heads:

Option-->>Number of Heads:



Due to high demand, we're running a day, or 2 behind
our industry leading same day shipping policy!

1. Magnum Meat Heads were designed for strips, or DIY fillets     2. Super Mags work with all forms of bait, whole, cut, or strips
Green, or Red Label sized Whole Herring is perfect for Super Mag Meat Heads, along with prepared strips and homemade hand-cuts.
Bait Sizes:
Green Label is (6" to 7")                 Red Label is  (5" to 6")                  Orange Label is (4" to 5")       
Whole Bait is perfect for Super Magnum Meat Heads in the above sizes!

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