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Trolling Bags 

Our trolling bags are made to withstand many seasons of hard usage.  We've had zero complaints in the 10 years we've been selling them for Dick Boyajian (WWII veteran Pacific theater 1943 thru 1945). These heavy duty bags are built with the best materials available & will last for many seasons.  Unlike the cheapie Chinese knockoffs at the big box sports outlets!

Want to learn about what this product can do for you?
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Precision Speed Control

Problems catching fish? Then take control of your boat speed with these heavy duty custom made sea bags. These are the exact bags I use and highly recommended. Precision speed control can be yours with this high-quality product.  Price depends on the size of sea bags purchased, or what's needed for your vessel.


Total cost per set of 2, or a matched pair,  ranges from 100 to 200 plus.  You will need a pair to better plant your boat in the water and hold the proper speed in following sea.  Meaning a downwind direction.  These fine trolling devices are 100% American made in Manistee, Michigan and will help stabilize your vessel in rough seas.  Sizes range from 24" to 48"

Not sure what size you need?


Boat size

Bag Size


Color may differ

16' to 18'
18' to 20'
22' to 25'
25' to 28'
28' to 30'


4.11.05_Trolling_Bags.jpg (31915 bytes)
Storage pouches too

Please keep in mind, every boat is different!

If you're still unsure and ready to purchase
I'll be glad to furnish correct rigging and usage instructions.

Call me at: (855) 950-FISH or send Emails to:

Trolling, or Sea Bags
Price: 100.00 to 210 per set of 2 bags

Size:      Promo codes or discounts do not apply     Quantity:

As an added benefit, each trolling bag has it's own pouch for tidy off-season storage. Just be sure the trolling bags
are completely dry before storage.
42  inchers are made on demand and may take 2 to 3 days to ship.

Made in Manistee, Michigan

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