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2007 Meat Rig Kits
I have a limited amount of kits left in the colors listed below.  When these deals sell out, no more will be offered until 11/1/07

Kit_Clear_Red.jpg (42417 bytes)
Clear Red
Kit_Clear_Blue.jpg (45834 bytes)
Clear Blue
Kit_Krystal_Killer.jpg (34227 bytes)
Krystal Killer
Kit_Mountain_Dew.jpg (46142 bytes)
Mountain Dew
Kit_Secret_One.jpg (37085 bytes)
Secret One
Kit_Wild_Canary.jpg (45349 bytes)
Wild Canary
Kit_Blue_Doub_L_Glo.jpg (32110 bytes)
Blue Doub L Glo

Kit_Chart_Doub_L_Glo.jpg (31091 bytes)
Chart. Doub L Glo

Kit_Green_Doub_L_Glo.jpg (35239 bytes)
Green Doub L Glo
Kit_Pearl_Doub_L_Glo.jpg (28309 bytes)
Pearl Doub L Glo
Kit_Red_Doub_L_Glo.jpg (30773 bytes)
Red Doub L Glo
Kit_Undertaker.jpg (35570 bytes)
Kit_X-Glow_Blue_Bubble.jpg (47027 bytes)
Blue Bubble
Kit_X-Glow_Green_Bubble.jpg (42439 bytes)

Green Bubble
Kit_005.jpg (61420 bytes)
Green Frog
Kit_X-Glow_King_Kryptonite.jpg (34187 bytes)
King Kryptonite

2007 Meat Rig Kits
The new 2007 Super Magnums are for whole bait fish.  
(Green, or Red Label Whole Herring is recommended for Super Mag Meat Heads)

Magnum Meat Heads are for cut, or sliced bait.
(The smaller Orange Label Whole Herring will work in the Magnum Meat Heads)

Price 19.95 to 21.95

Option--> Style of Head:

Color:     Quantity:

All materials needed to build 12 flies, with 4 matching meat heads

Included in the 2007 Meat Rig Kits:

1. 12 Bullet Heads to make your flies
2.  Pre-taped (double sided) Mylar fringe to make 12 flies
3.  Mylar over-wrap 1/4" collar tape
4.  Four matching Meat Heads for rig completion
5.  12 beads to perfectly match-up with the meat rigs
6.  Complete instructions can be had by Clicking Here
7.  Only a few of each color are still available as of 3/27/07

A complete hardware kits with crimps, bead chains, swivels, VMC trebles
and Bite Guard mono is available.  This is the 3rd year I've offered meat rig kits, where you can make your own and save at least 50% of retail over pre-made tackle store prices.  There's enough Mylar skirting to do about 50 kits in each color listed above.  A "sold out" notice will appear on the thumbnail image once that color is no longer available!