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Tackle Solutions

Leader Lockers™

Holds 24 rigs

Stores Flies too!

Price: 39.95


Meat Rig® & Fly storage solved!
Click photo how-to article
Click for "how to" video
Flasher Locker™

Price: 34.95


Stores ten 12", 10" & 8" flashers
Any type will work

Super Snubbers™

Price: 6.95


12" long stretches to about 24"
12" of soft forgiving cushion


Diver Diggers

10 oz. add-on lead weight
Dipsy Divers, or Slide Divers




Stainless Steel Hardware included
Click for video instructions

Adds depth at no extra rod strain
For mono, braid, & wire divers!

Leader Locker™ Insert

1 Hard Foam Custom Insert

Price: 13.95


Holds & secures a multitude of tackle.
Use paper clips to peg spoons. 
Stores just about anything!

Dimensions: 7.5" by 13"

Diamond Hook Files

6 Inch Quality Hook Files

Price: 9.95


Here's a couple of articles on
the importance of sharp hooks:

Click Sticky Sharp Hooks

Click Get the Point?


UV Black Light

51 LEDs

Price: 12.95


Compact, Bright & Powerful

Charges Glo Lures


Top Tier Tactics
Salmon Buster Spoons
3D Printing 3D Tackle

Super Snubbers
Black's & Bands  
Silver Bullet Tackle
Making Trolling Flies I  
Making Trolling Flies II 

Fine Tuning Whole Bait 
2010 Myth Busting part I
2010 Myth Busting part II

Rigging with Red
Double Loop Knot
Thinking Inside the Box 
Storing Flies & Meat Rigs
Spectra Super Lines
Member's Services
Eaters, or Biters part I  
Eaters, or Biters part II
Mid Day Mayhem
6 Pack Stickers
Getting to the Point

New way to fish Lk. Huron
Deeper Salmon
Pine Creek 10/6/07 
9/18/07 Harvest Weir

1979 SR the Re-Fit
The Deep Bite
Super Mag Heads

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