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Fat 10 lb. Coho
August 2018

2019 White Lightning Spoon Special
2 spoons for the price of one

20 lb. King
August 2018

White Lightning 4.65 & 4.0 Salmon Buster™ Spoons

White Lightening Spoon Special

4.65 & 4.0 Salmon Buster™ Spoons

Both spoons are only: 9.95

Hook Style:

Sold Out

Limit 2 specials per customer
Click White Lightning Combos

 Video Demo

The Inside Reel-Story

Anyone in the tackle business can cobble up a design/paint job and call it new.  Coming up with a 21st century ground breaking line of tackle is another story.  Our new multi-dimensional color shifting holographic chrome pearl lure tape must be seen to be appreciated. That's why I did the above video in 3 kinds of light.  Being cloudy, indoor LED shop lights and a brief segment in partial sun.  Add in, this tape goes over a pearl base and you have a reel-winner.  Especially, in the current gin-clear waters of Lk. MI.

This lineup was tested on 3 boats during the 2018 season with great success.  Our flasher meat rig™ combos, 10" BTIs with flies and both sizes of spoons caught Steelhead, Coho, and Kings.  Look for awesome fish catching tackle to continue in 2019 and beyond!

This new lure tape is environmental safe compared compared to using paint.  Yes, there is a major risk involved when painting lacquer based fast drying solvent lure paint.  A standard in the spoon industry.  One of the forefathers of our modern day spoon market died from cancer that his family partially blamed on all the spoons he painted.  So, for me? ...painting is done on a very limited basis in a well ventilated paint booth with every precaution.

White Lightning Combo
Aug. 2018 Manistee, MI

Health Risk Warning!
Lure paint thinner

2018 Spring Kings on Salmon Buster™ spoons will debut soon

2017 Spring Kings on Salmon Buster™ spoons out of Manistee & Ludington, MI

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