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2020 Face Masks & Tackle Specials       
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Individually Packaged

10 Sealed Filters

Filter Insert

Adjustable Loops

Breathe Valve

KN95 Medical

Reusable Face Masks

Price: 12.95Up



Limit 6 per person

Safe, Comfortable & Reusable!

Over 80% of US citizens wear masks when and where appropriate.  Shopping safely we all have to do, requires protection from the China virus.

My quest to get masks began we me wanting to send masks to those that have fished aboard my boat.  Was able to do this with KN95 (China's N95) medical grade masks.  These were uncomfortable with highly restricted air flow.

Masks we're offering are reusable with ten 2.5 parts per million filters and a air exhaust valve like medical grade.  Our masks are made of cotton with adjustable ear loops and an internal pocket to change filters.

China virus is going to be with us a while until a vaccine is found.  Then made available.  So, protect yourself and your loved ones with the most comfortable protection I've found.

6 Rod King Spread

Combo Catches

Cart Retail Price

3 Combos, 6 Spoons, 3 Flies & Leader Locker™
Sale Price: 149.95
(Regular Price: 195.42)

Meat Rig™ & Fly Hooks:

Spoon Hooks:

Type of Meat Head:

Sold Out for 2020

Best of the best on my boat over the last 3 seasons.  Combos are the multipurpose 10" BTIs that produce on riggers, divers, lead core & copper rods at all times of the season.  Pre-tied trolling flies at 24" are the SUV, XG Sea Green, and the Sparkler Fly inspired by George Richey.  All tackle is designed to work from 1.5 to 3.0 mph.  Don't neglect the high out of temp summer Kings that can be at any depth.  Designed for the anglers that want maximum effectiveness out of a 6 rod spread.  Run as a complete program.  Fish early & late.  This tackle has proved itself on the Great Lakes of Huron, MI & Ontario.

6 Rod Surface Spread

Salmon Buster™
Spoon Selections

Cart Retail Price

6 Spoons, 20 Snaps & Six 1/2 oz Keel Sinkers  
Sale Price: 49.95

(Regular Price: 76.65)

Type of Hook:


Tips and Tricks

1. 80' to 100' behind inline boards.
2. 100' to 120' leads behind larger dual planer boards.
3. 2.4 to 3.0 mph. 2.6 is the sweet spot.
4. Add 5' of 15 lb. mono between 1/2 oz weight and spoon.
5. Speed up on turns to keep the spread straight.
6. Excellent in April for shoreline Brown Trout, Salmon & Lk. Trout
7. Works in June offshore on temp breaks.
8. Devastating on fall surface Steelhead.
9. Keep your hooks sticky sharp.
10. Check lines according for weeds and leaves.
11. Run a light drag to absorb the shock of the hit.
12. Water below 40° troll a little slower 2.0-2.2 mph

10 Big Ten Inch Flashers

10 Low Drag Fish Attractors
Fight the fish, not the flasher!

Sale Price: 99.95
(Regular Price: 135.00)


Must Have Tackle

Diamond Hook File,  Black UV 51 LED Flashlight and
1 lb. spool of Triple Fish Mono

Price: 39.95
Pound Test:


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