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 Capt. John's 12" Rotating Flashers             

 Glow Series  of 12 inch Reel Flashers

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Luminescent  "Glow in the Dark"  12 inch Reel Flashers  

Price: 15.99

Closed for the Season

Click here for the Regular (non-glow) Series of 12" Flashers
Click here for X-Glow Series of 12" Flashers

Special Note: Presently there is no other tackle manufacturer making a double glow taped model 
if their flasher appears to resemble to mine.  Reason?.......cost, because as we all know glow tape very expensive,  especially if they plan on selling glow models thru retail outlets. The base material that goes into Reel Flashers is far superior too, being made from exactly the same formulated composite plastics
as in F-16 fighter canopies.

Value always begins first top-notch quality!

*Reel Flashers feature a Simpson brass reinforcing rivets 
165# test ball bearing Sampo nose swivel
*Roscoe 165# test rear swivel
*150# test cross-lock rear attachment hook.

All American Made with 100% USA Content!!

Click for the Standard Series of Reel-Flashers
Click for X-Glow Series of Reel Flashers 

Both sides of Reel-Flashers are displayed to show that all have contrasting front and rear sides, either in color, or texture of the glow tape. This by far, better mimics the natural distinction of all fish species.

Doub L
Glo Models
: dual taped crushed-ice and contrasting laser glow) grew out of 2 seasons extensive testing.  Combining these two glow patterns insures they'll work early, late and all day long!

There's no way any camera can capture the true attraction of this product. All fluorescent colored flashers have fiber optic light gathering capabilities like rifle and pistol sights. The edges have their own glow built into the flasher blade. Examine the edges closely and you'll see what I'm talking about.


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