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Boards, Boards, Boards!

My first introduction to planer boards was
in the later 1970s.  These devices expanded our troll path and instantly became a Great Lakes fleet favorite.

I've used all the inlines in the above photo and some that are not shown with great success. The original inline side planer, Yellow Bird is not suited to slow trolling at 1.0-1.5 mph Walleyes.  The word: "Birds" has became the the nickname of all inlines.

Inline Planers
Boards with Fishy Flag

Price: 29.95



Fish On Alert Flag System

Price on our boards includes the Fishy Alert Flag system.  You get a regular, HD spring with 3 attaching holes for an infinite number of towing weight settings.  Plus, an assembly wrench.

Fishy Flags come into their own when pursuing light biting Walleyes on Saginaw Bay, or Lk. Erie.  Plus, you get a red pinch pad release with a center pin.  So, the board stays on the line.  There's several ways to rig and use that require user input to fit the circumstances.


Walleyes Slow Speed Troll 1.0 to 1.5 mph

This is right in the wheelhouse of inlines. Larger-full sized dual planer boards will not pull out to the side tight at slow speeds.  They lag back, dropping a lot of slack in the tag line, or line to the tow bigger boards.  Inlines were made to go slow with towing crawler harnesses in mind with bottom bouncers.  While it's a cumbersome way, you can argue over how deadly it is on Walleyes.

Priced right at 29.95 per board with Fishy Alert Flag.  This flag comes with light and heavy duty spring to dial in to trigger the Fishy Flag.  2 springs and 3 holes offers a multitude of settings. 

I'm selling is hybrid board similar to the Offshore, but with a Church board styled release mechanism.  Compare to 60 bucks and over for the Church and Offshore boards with the flag option.  This is an excellent constructed board with a reinforced arm.  This stronger right angle  gusseted arm is the feature all the other boards lack.
These boards are a winner at a reasonable price!

Lk. Michigan Surface Program 2.0-3.0 mph plus

Board tactics are greatly different that trolling for Walleyes.  The desired Fishy Flag should not be deployed.  In this usage you want the board to trip and not fight the board back to the boat while it's digging side saddle over the top of other boards in your spread.

Seen a good sized Steelhead and Brown Trout explode and knock a board 10' up in the air when the line goes direct drive to the fish.  Having the flag up just causes more concerns about tangling.  In rough water inlines jump over waves.  They can jump over other board lines too.  Making the Fishy Flag a major hindrance.  Disable this feature when dealing with Great Lakes Trout and Salmon.

Good news is the inlines tolerate rough water far better than their big brother, dual boards.  Just remember, when it's calm seas 80' to 120' leads might be called for.  In rougher stuff I've found 30' leads to take fish.  Inlines adds an erratic surge motion to your lure.  This herky-jerky variable lure action at times will out-fish the larger dual boards.

Dual Cedar Planer Boards

Releases on tag line

Planer Board Releases

Price: 3 for 9.95
or 7 for 19.95



Compare to OR18 Offshore 2 at $11.60
3 & 7 Counts Available
Comes with Shower Hooks

Black Medium Tension

Red HD Tension

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