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Monofilament, Diver Wire, Copper, & Leader Wrist Spools
Get a Line on 2019!

28 lbs. Wire Diver King
30# test Triple Fish mono

Lk. MI October Steelhead
15# Triple Fish Fluoro Leaders

Over 20 lb. King on 20# test
Triple Fish monofilament

Lk. MI Big April Brown
15# Triple Fish mono

August 2018 Adult King
20# test Triple Fish mainline

Triple Fish Monofilament

15, 20, 25, & 30# test

1 lb. spools of mono

Price: 24.95



I've used every product here for at least the last 10 years.  Triple fish has been around since 1961 & earned a great praise from saltwater anglers.  Priced at only 25 bucks for a 1 lb. spool!!

Fluorocarbon leaders are for all line-shy Salmon & Trout in clear, or shallow water.

Going back to 1988, used 7 strand stainless steel wire .012" that became the standard for the Great Lakes fleet.  7 strand dives much deeper with less line off the reel.  Plus, it does not collect sea fleas like braid.

45# Copper is the fleet standard for long distance fishing.  300' will get you down to the approx. 60' deep, 600'  fto 90' down.

Triple Fish Fluorocarbon

15, 20, & 50# test

Fluoro Leader Material (50 yds.)

Price: 11.99 & Up



Stainless Steel Wire Line

1000' Spools of Wire Diver Line

7 strand 30# test bare wire
Pros buy the 1000' spool

Price: 65.99



Copper Line

300' & 600' Spools

1x7 Copper Line 45# test

Price: 32.99 & Up



Triple Fish Leader (50 yds.)

EZ to Use Wrist Spool

50# test mono
Same as used for Meat Rig assembly

Price: 4.99


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