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Capt. John King's      

Meat Rigs
2 & 3 Fly
 Single Treble Hooks
, or Optional Custom Tandem Double-Snelled
Most Rigs shown are 3 Fly, Subtract 1 Fly for 2 Fly Rigs

Black Ice
Black Ice

Black & Purple
Black & Purple

Blue_Maui_3FMR.jpg (43424 bytes)
Blue Maui

Blue Sapphire
Blue Sapphire

Clear Blue
Clear Blue

Clear Red
Clear Red

Emerald Green
Emerald Green

Fire Dot

Green Mamba


Krystal_Killer.jpg (51827 bytes)
Krystal Killer

Manistee Mojo

Monkey Puke

Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew

Obama Mamba

Raging Red UV 15.99
Raging Red SUV

Ruby Red
Ruby Red

Secret One

Silver_Bullet_Green_3FMR.jpg (47373 bytes)
Silver Bullet Grn.

Silver_Bullet_Red_2FMR.jpg (42144 bytes)
Silver Bullet Red

New for 2018


Sparkler Red


    Super_Gold_Bullet_3FMR.jpg (39160 bytes)
Super Gold Bullet

Super Mamba

Super_Silver_Bullet_3FMR.jpg (42409 bytes)
Super Silver Bullet

Wild Canary
Wild Canary

2 Fly Meat Rigs  

Price: 15.95 & Up

Option-->Hook Setup:

Option-->Style of Head:


Click for Glow Meat Rigs

3 Fly Meat Rigs

Price: 16.99 & Up

Option-->Hook Setup:

Option-->Type of Head:


Click for Glow Meat Rigs

Super Mag heads work with all forms of bait, whole, cut, or strips
Green, or Red Label sized Whole Herring is perfect for Super Mag Meat Heads, along with prepared strips and homemade hand-cuts.
Magnum Meat Heads were designed for strips, cut, or sliced bait
The smaller Orange Label Whole Herring will work in the Magnum Meat Heads.

Bait Sizes:
Green Label (6" to 7"), Red Label  (5" to 6") &  Orange Label (4" to 5")

These rigs are tied with German Perlon 50# leader material & have handcrafted turned up eye VMC hooks to facilitate a double snelled rig that seldom misses even the slightest of bites!  Every rig has a leader to a barrel swivel that can be changed with ease. Coupled with the finest Meat Heads on the market means these 3 Fly Meat Rigs sets the standard for superiority & firmly beats the competition!  The meat heads are manufactured in Bridgeman, MI and final assemble of all meat rigs takes place in Manistee, MI USA.  VMC Hooks are from France and the Perlon performance mono is from Germany.  All else is 100% USA made content!

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