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Capt. John King's

World's Best Trolling Flies!
Black Mamba Glow Blue Mirage UV Fire Dot Gold_Bullet HRP Trolling Fly
King Purple Glo Mean Green Mirage C.I. UV Monkey Puke


Fly_Silver_Bullet Silver Bullet Red Nose Fly_Silver_Sea_Green Stimulus (OCS) Super Mamba UV X-Glow Blue Bubble
X-Glow Green Bubble (Chaos) X-Glow Yellowtail Fly

Optional Hook Setups
Optional Hook Setups

X-Glow Sea Green


                                   Trolling Flies

Price: 7.99 & Up 

Hook Setup:

Leader Material:



Have it your way with Capt. John's Trolling Flies

1.  3 hook options: single treble, snelled double 5/0 singles, or our signature double snelled trebles
2.  Chose your own preference with leader material.  Fluoro, or mono's up to you
3.  Proven colors with a long productive history and newest selections to hit the market
4.  Clear plastic packaging tube doubles as storage and life extender for the Mylar material

Trolling Fly Bodies

  3 Packs of Un-Rigged Fly Bodies

Price: 9.95  & Up



Learn the Double Loop Knot

Anyone can sell  trolling flies, but not even close to the quality we offer.  I make tackle to use myself. 

Not some shoddy cheap fly thrown together with cut-rate leader material, or with deficient hook that
will cost you missed bites. 

All our flies are proven topnotch pro-grade fish killers that produce all season long. 

Best is a gross understatement!

Capt. John's Trolling Flies Feature:

1.  Ultra best leader material, Triple Fish 36"  Fluoro, or 50# premium grade Triple Fish mono
2.  Premium Cone Cut VMC sharp hooks in Black Nickel, or Tin Red
3.  Life extending super useful multipurpose storage tube
4.  All patterns are multi-color ...featuring up to 5 separate colors
5.  Only authentic Silver, or Gold Bullet Trolling Fly in the world
6.  Metalized, pearl, sparkler, fluorescent, up and X-Glow "Made in USA" heads
7.  5 to 6 bead drop to eliminate short strikes where necessary
8.  Our premium grade fluoro has excellent wet knot strength
9.  50# fluoro leader is same diameter as many 40# test monofilament lines (.028")

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